Let me give you all food for thought

Can we afford to carry any grudges in our Heart??

Can we afford to wake up with regret tomorrow??

Can we afford to go ground with some negative feelings for people in our Heart??

Definitely when think upon deeply  answer will come a big No

In any relationship of the world sometime people disappoint us and sometime time disappoint us by taking one away and who will go first we don’t know. The moment we realize that we are going to die is the moment we  breathe freely and get to know that Life is too short and you only live once. So only choice is to celebrate life. We are here today and tomorrow we are not . Time is fleeting. It is continuum. The moment one tries to catch hold of it, it is already gone. And at last thing to repent is I wish I had.

We have only one life to make impact as many lives we can. So say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them and how much they mean to you.. Don’t go to bed angry over something that won’t matter that much in a week. Don’t burn bridges with people because you never know how many times that you will have to cross over the same river.

So, don’t wait for tomorrow, or for something to change, or for something or someone better, be grateful for what is in your life right now, this very moment.

When you appreciate all that you have, life becomes more alive, vibrant, and expanded.Appreciate the good that already exists in your life and anticipate the miracles and magic that is to come.

At last do consider the lines of Gulzar Saheb

थोड़ा सा रफू करके देखिये ना,
फिर से नयी सी लगेगी,

ज़िन्दगी ही तो है..!!

Do a little darn and see, Again it will look new It’s only life !!!!

Keep Smiling 🙂




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