One of the hardest part about growing up is learning how to power through STRUGGLEs . Yes, power through struggles. What I learnt in my small life is that life is never going to be exactly what u wanted to be 100% time. FAILURE, STRUGGLE,PROBLEMS are part of life. But the point is never let this all define your life. As we grow up, we need to learn how to trust on our struggle. We need to embrace them and understand that they are there to help us to become stronger and more determined. Embedded in each person struggle is a purpose waiting to unfold. With every struggle is the voice of reason. It’s doesn’t matter what you have done in past. Your future is still a blank page for you to improve upon.You are worth more than this struggle. Let you define your life and make your life unforgettable.Trust you struggle and let it guide you to success. Keep Smiling ๐Ÿ™‚



Life is not a meaningless accident but a continuous process.

According to the seed thatโ€™s sown,
So is the fruit you reap there from,
Doer of good will gather good,
Doer of evil, evil reaps,
Down is the seed and thou shalt taste
The fruit thereof.

Happiness and misery, which are the common lot of humanity, are the inevitable effects of causes. Acts bear their own rewards and punishments to the individual doer whether human justice finds out or not. Life is a boomerang. If you are always throwing out negativity then you should not be surprised when this is what you get in return. On the other hand if you are always positive then this is what you will receive as well. Be kind and compassionate to others because you never know when you may need kindness or compassion as well. Don’t judge or you could find others judging you. Some people spend their whole lives miserable and complaining, and they wonder why their life is so negative but they refuse to make an effort to change things or alter their outlook and attitude. If you want to get positive people and emotions in your life then you have to be positive in your dealings with others. If you are not willing to do this then you can not expect others to treat you this way in return. Always remember that fate can be fickle, and you should expect to receive what you give so make sure you give what you want to get.

I want to share a story, I read somewhere:

“A little boy got angry with his mother and shouted at her, “I hate you, I hate you.” Because of fear of reprimand, he ran out of the house. He went up to the valley and shouted, “I hate you, I hate you,” and back came the echo, “I hate you, I hate you.” This was the first time in his life he had heard an echo. He got scared, went to his mother for protection and said there was a bad boy in the valley who shouted “I hate you, I hate you.” The mother understood and she asked her son to go back and shout, “I love you, I love you.” The little boy went and shouted, “I love you, I love you,” and back came the echo. That taught the little boy a lesson that our life is like an echo: We get back what we give.

Benjamin Franklin said, “When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.”

Whether it is our thoughts, actions or behavior, sooner or later they return and with great accuracy. Treat people with respect on your way up because you will be meeting them on your way down.

Goodness has a way of coming back; that is the nature of the beast. One doesn’t have to do good with a desire to get back. It just happens automatically.

The universe is neutral to your thought, decision, action and it respond back alike without any rectification or favorism of vibes you radiate. Once you send positive vibes of love, help, happiness and respect then you will attract alike in multiplicative way. Similarly if you send negative vibes of hatred, anger and jealousy then you will attract alike too. So choice is yours, what you desire to attract in your life.

How people treat you is there Karma, How You treat them is yours.

Keep Smiling ๐Ÿ™‚